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Trial Performance Guarantee
Fastrack® Direct-Fed Microbials and
Inhibodor® Animal Waste Treatment

Conklin Company Inc. is so confident that Fastrack® Direct-Fed Micobials and Inhibodor® Animal Waste Treatment will perform to your satisfaction that we'll guarantee it.
The Conklin Company Inc. guarantees the performance of Fastrack® Direct-Fed Micobials or Inhibodor® Animal Waste Treatment used within 90 day of purchase. If, after using Fastrack® or Inhibodor® products as directed and for the purpose intended, you are disatisfied with the performance, simply notify the Conklin distributor from whom you purchased the product. That distributor will be authorized to refund you the full purchase price.

Follow the simple steps below for your on-farm trials:


1. Use Fastrack as directed by the label for the appropriate livestock species and at the proper amount and timing.

2. Use Fastrack with a representative portion of your livestock for 30 to 60 days and leave it out of the diet of an equally representative portion of your herd (control).

3.Measure the differences between the animals with Fastrack in their diet and those without Fastrack. If the Fastrack performance is not superior to your control, if warranted, a refund will be authorized. All documents must be submitted within 90 days from when the product was purchased.


1. Use Inhibodor as directed by the label for the appropriate livestock species and at the proper amount and timing.

2. If the labeled rates are followed and Inhibodor fails to lower the ppm of ammonia in a satisfactory manner, up to one case (four 1-gallon containers) will be refunded.

Fastrack and Inhibodor are guaranteed up to these purchase volumes:

1 case Ruminant Gel (6 tubes) I case Canine Gel
1 case Nonruminant Gel (6 or 12 tubes)
1 case Equine Gel
1 case Liquid Dispersible (4 jars)
1 case Inhibodor
1 bale Probiotic Pack ( 10 five-pound bags)

Try Fastrack Direct-Fed Microbials or Inhibodor-Animal Waste Treatment and measure the differences. If not satisfied with the additional performance, you will be eligible for a refund on the purchase price.

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The Double-D Ranch
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