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Fastrack® the Nations #1 Probiotic for Dairy Herds across the USA and the World. New World Record Holder: Twin-B-Dairy Aerostar Lynn, milking 365d, 2X, 63,444 lbs. More than 200 records of over 40,000 lbs. of milk.


The Nations #1   Probiotic

The Double-D Ranch
6906 HWY DD
Farmington, Missouri 63640
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Build a healthy appetite for profits

Fastrack -fed cows are setting records for milk and protein production, including:

  • The world record for milk production holder, Twin-B-Dairy Aerostar Lynn, owned by brothers Floyd and Lloyd Baumann of Marathon, Wis. by milking 63,444 pounds 2X.; 
  • more than 200 records of over 40,000 pounds of milk;
  • of 25 reported herds, Fastrack® increases rolling herd average by 18%.

Adding Fastrack® direct-fed microbials to your dairy's feed rations can help stimulate higher profits and lower operational costs. Fastrack® is perfect for:

  • Dairy Cows 
  • Newborn calves
  • replacement heifers 
  • purebred show animal 
  • veal operations
Fastrack® Ruminant Microbial Gel

To start animals on feed quickly, use Fastrack® Ruminant Gel. It's formulated to enhance the appetites of newborn animals and dairy animals which are off-feed due to weaning, shipping, ration or management changes. 

    5cc/calf at birth, until weaning and at each antibiotic treatment

    10cc/animal over 500 lbs. at weaning, each antibiotic treatment and at shipping.

    15cc/mature cow at calving and at each antibiotic tratment during lactation.

80cc tube
$12.50 retail price
case of six 80cc tubes
$62.00 retail price
300cc tubes
$36.00 retail  price
case of six 300cc tubes
$179.75 retail price
Fastrack® Ruminant Bolus

An easy way to promote the appetites of growing and mature cattle. Use with a size number 11 bolus gun.

    1 bolus/mature animal at shipping, calving, and at each antibiotic treatment

Can of 25 boluses
$46.75 retail price
case of 4 cans 
(100) boluses
$155.00 retail price
Fastrack® Calf Bolus

All the benefits of the Ruminant Bolus in a size convenient to calves. Use with a size 12 bolus gun.

    1 bolus/calf under 500 lbs. at birth, weaning, and at each antibiotic treatment.

Can of 50 boluses
$39.00 retail price
case of 4 cans (200 boluses)
$132.50 retail price
LS4000 naturally complements the digestive system
Fastrack® direct-fed microbials with LS4000 feature two lactic acid-producing bacteria, yeast, and fermentation products to help ensure healthy digestive systems in your animals.
Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria normally inhabit the intestine and produce lactic acid. Lactic acid aids digestion and absorption of feed nutrients.
Streptrococcus faecium are especially durable miroorganisms that also produce lactic acid. These bacteria can withstand harsh stomach acids and multiply quickly in the digestive tract.
Yeast suplies B vitamins and digestive enzymes, enhances palatability, and stimulates activity of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. Many feed managers use yeast to increase feed intake and weight gain.
Two non-viable fermentation products complement the enzymes and B vitamins for the yeast. These products help break down complex feeds into simpler nutrients that inable Fastrack® micoorganisms to thrive and reach optimum levels in the digestive tract.
Fastrack® Probiotic Pack

Incourage peak performance by using Probiotic Pack with cows already on feed. Mix at five pounds per ton of complete feed or top-dress ½ to 1½ ounces per head per day.
    ½ oz./weaned calf under 500 lbs./day

    ½ to 1 oz./animal over 500 lbs./day

    ½ to 1½ oz./lactating cow/day
5 pound bag
$19.95 retail price
pack of 10-5 lb bags
$163.00 retail price
Fastrack® Liquid Dispersible

An alternative way to start your animals on the right track to proper digestion and stronger performance. Add Liquid Dispersible to milk replacers, drinking water and liquid medicators for easy delivery.

    ¼ tsp./preweaned calf via milk replacer

    ½ to 1 tsp/weaned animal/day via watering system

    1 tsp./lactation cow/day via water system

1 pound can
$28.25 retail price
case of 4 cans
$93.50 retail price

"Many of my dairy clients have used Fastrack® for several years. We've seen cows come on feed well and stay on feed, with aggressive appetities. many customers have reported higher milk production, higher butterfat, low scours problems and higher overall herd health. All these convert to more profits for the dairyman."
         Ken Schulte, DVM
South Dakota         

For Product Purchases or for more information Contact: The Double-D Ranch
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