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Conklin Products. Feedstore® Live Microbial Hay Inoculant, Sanox®II Disinfectant, Fortress® Protective Skin Cream and Care® Hand Cleaner.

The Double-D Ranch
6906 HWY DD
Farmington, Missouri 63640
573-760-8829 or


Additional Products

Feedstore® Live Microbial Hay Inoculant
For high quality hay with a built-in safeguard against spoilage, look to Feedstore®. Economical and effective Feedstore® increases leaf retention for high protein and greatly enhanced feed value.

    one 100 gram packet treats 25 tons of hay

37093 100 gram packet 99.00 retail price

New! Feedstore® Generation II Live Micobial Silage Inoculant

Using live microbials, Feedstore® promote a quick, controlled fermentation process to retain dry matter and more of the nutritional value of your silage. Feedstore® also guards against spoilage and improves bunk life and palatability.

    one 150 gram packet of 50 lb. bag treats 50 tons of forage

55228 150 gram packet 66.25 retail price
55236 50 pound bag 74.50 retail price

Sanox® II Hard Surface
Disinfectant Detergent

An important tool for any animal operation's disease control program. Sanox® II can help fight herd losses and poor performance. Use it to clean and disinfect barns. farrowing huts, stables, hutches or kennels.

    2 oz./gallon disinfects hard sufaces

50369 1 quart 8.75 retail price
50377 1 gallon 26.75 retail price
50385 2½ gallon 57.00 retail price

Care® Hand Cleaner and
Stain Remover

Use Care® with or without water to quickly remove greases, adhesives, inks and other tough stains as well as any offensive odors.

1115 1 pint 5.50 retail price
1123 2½ gallon 79.00 retail price

Fortress® Protective Skin Cream

For hands that must stand up to the punishing effects of work with animals, Fortess® offers an effective solution. Fortress® soothes, chafed, cracked skin and protects againts weather, chemicals, and frequent hand washing.

54734 8 ounce 7.50 retail price
54759 1 quart 19.25 retail price
54932 1 gallon 55.25 retail price
For Product Purchases or for more information Contact: The Double-D Ranch
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