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700 Pound Wild Boar


This hunt, as with all hunts, actually started well before the day of the hunt. Countless days, hours, and arrows flinged in preparation for my first hog hunt. With one week to go before the big day, I was shooting better than I ever have in my life when tragedy struck. My string broke! The horror! It would be a couple days before my proshop could get me back in business. This left only 5 days before the hunt to break in my new string and become familiar with my new bow. If I did not feel confident in my accuracy the day before the hunt, then I would either cancel or fall back to a firearm hunt. With diligent practice, I felt confident once again and decided the bow hunt would be a go. Saturday morning, in the middle of the night I woke my boy up and said "Let's go huntin!" We had most of our gear packed and loaded in the truck the night before. A few quick checks and we were on our way. As we started down the road, I cranked up FBN for our morning dose of ATTITUDE! A couple hours later we arrived at the ranch for our first hog hunt. As we approached the lodge, I told my boy, just think of all the people out there right now sticking needles in their arms, smoking a joint, or sucking on a whiskey bottle when they could be out here hunting. LOSERS! We both sighed. We greeted the other hunters (2 muzzleloaders and 2 pistol hunters) and talked about all things wild. With plenty of time before the hunt we walked to a nearby dirt pile and set up a small ammo box which I sent numerous arrows into from various distances. My confidence was soaring now! Our guides arrived and finally, we headed to the woods. I explained to our guide that I was primarily a meat hunter and was looking for a hog close to 300lbs to provide pork for my family's freezer. He soon had me on a black and white sow in the 300lb range but it did not work out. My first stalk was blown by another sow with a little troop following her. She came inbetween me and my sow and winded me and the whole group vamoosed! Shortly later, I found her bedded down under a log on a hillside. I stalked her from behind and when I reached about 20yds, I had an opening about the size of a grapefruit between the log and the ground. My target was smaller than I like but at least if I missed, I would not wound her. Besides, the rocky terrain would not allow me to stalk any closer. I let the arrow fly and watched my arrow sink deep into the log just an inch or so above the opening. She exploded out of there along with her comrades. A later stalk on the same band proved they were far to wary now. We decided it was time to seek another hog. In our quest for another hog to stalk, he asked me if I'd be interested in a boar they estimated at 700lbs! It wasnt long before I said, "let's go look for him!" He told us how this hog had come after him a couple of times and that sometimes he was hard to find and then, there he was. Dustin wished me luck. I unsnapped the latch on my pistol's holster. I began my stalk and at 20yds, he knew I was there. I drew my Bloodbrother bow and let my Nuge blade fly. My hand immediately went to my pistol in case he charged. The broadside shot hit both lungs and sent the beast running directly away from me. I followed in pursuit while nocking another arrow and after about 15yds, he turned. When he came broadside I let another double lunger go and again readied my hand on my pistol. He traveled another 10-20yds and then collapsed. The whole sequence took less than a minute. Quick, clean and humane. We later discovered that the first blade went clear through to and stopped in his shield and the second blade went clear through and lodged in his far shoulder blade. Can you say penetration!? It took 3 of us to roll him into the bucket of the front loader to get him back to the lodge. Once back at the lodge, the hunting stories of the day began to flow as hogs were being skinned and quartered.